• [WEB EXCLUSIVE] What are you afraid of? Students discuss their unusual phobias
  • Should the Olympics Have Been Held in Rio?
  • Aragon sees largest freshman class in recent years
  • Students travel for summer learning experiences
  • Gotta catch ‘em all: Students discuss “Pokemon Go” and its widespread popularity

[WEB EXCLUSIVE] What are you afraid of? Students discuss their unusual phobias

Certain people are agonized by the most bizarre of things. From the fear of belly buttons to the fear of the number thirteen, humans have some odd fears and quirks. Some celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, for example, hold a fear of chewing gum, which originated when her grandmother started saving her chewed gum and sticking it to furniture. Typical fears among teenagers include heights, spiders, aircrafts, and family issues…


Should the Olympics Have Been Held in Rio?

With the 2016 Summer Olympics in full swing, the world is supposed to be at an all time high. According to the IOC (International Olympic Committee), the quadrennial event supposedly brings about a “peaceful and better world,” and at the surface, it looks as if the 2016 games are doing just that. Rio, which is home to a stunning landscape, ideal weather, and beautiful people with an intense passion for…

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Aragon’s CTE program is more important than you may think

Friends, classes and construction noise. Another school year at Aragon has started. As focus shifts from summer relaxation to academics, there is a relatively new requirement that students must consider when planning out their four years at Aragon: Career Technical Education. Many of you have heard about Aragon’s Career Technical Education (CTE) program. It has courses covering photography, videography, biotechnology, engineering technology, computer science and nutrition/culinary arts. The goal of…


What’s up with “The Get Down”? A Netflix homage to the ‘70s

Baz Luhrmann’s debut on Netflix features nothing short of a drug ring, flashy silver guns, obese political bosses, and underground orgies all combined with the upbeat music scene of the ‘70s. In the epic musical drama “The Get Down,” Luhrmann follows Ezekiel Figuero (Justice Smith), a rapper with a penchant for freestyling and spitting bars, and Mylene Cruz (Herizen Guardiola), an aspiring boricua singer who wishes to break free from…


Leadership kicks off RSVP program

Leadership is gradually implementing a program at Aragon called Raising Student Voice and Participation (RSVP). Through this campaign, Leadership ultimately intends to increase diversity of opinion by getting every student’s voice heard as part of a built-in plan for identifying issues on campus, sharing ideas for improvement, and narrowing these issues and ideas down so that Leadership and the Aragon community can then focus on addressing these most important topics….


Aragon sees largest freshman class in recent years

The number of freshmen in the class of 2020 has increased by about 50 students due to ongoing construction at Hillsdale High School. Vice Principal Ron Berggren explains, “We are officially right now at 448 incoming freshman … [But] we are actually still, as [the start of school] rolls along, getting more students.” Construction delays of buildings in Hillsdale High School limited the school’s ability to accommodate its normal intake…


Gotta catch ‘em all: Students discuss “Pokemon Go” and its widespread popularity

The insanely popular augmented reality game “Pokemon Go” enraptured numerous people around the world this past summer. Within a week of its release, “Pokemon Go” spread like wildfire and became the most downloaded app in Apple’s app store in addition to being installed in 5.1 percent of Androids in the United States within two days of its release. First introduced by Nintendo in 1996, Pokemon are essentially collectible characters that…


Choir, string quartet spend summer in Ireland

Aragon’s Chamber Choir plus String Quartet traveled to Ireland to perform in and explore the country’s historic sites and landmarks from June 7 to 14. Invited by the mayor of Dublin, students traveled to participate in the 2016 International Limerick Sings Festival. With Dublin being the sisterhood city to San Jose State University (SJSU), the director of SJSU’s choral program led the university’s choir, Aragon’s choir and quartet, and other…