• SMUHSD climate control  policy: Too cool for comfort
  • Al Gore speaks at Aragon theater to promote new book
  • Dons end season with loss to St. Francis in CCS semifinals
  • Deaf students discuss their experiences
  • Investigating claims of carcinogenic turf

Aragon athletes discuss traditions and celebrations

Traditions and celebrations play a large role in team bonds when it comes to playing together. Aragon’s football and basketball teams have their own traditions that help bring athletes together off the court and field, so that they can perform well on game days. Over-the-top celebrations are not endorsed by any sports leagues, and Aragon student-athletes have done well in keeping their celebrations short and sweet on the field. But,…


Homebuyers in the Bay Area face an increase in housing prices

As tech companies in Silicon Valley such as Apple, Facebook and Tesla fuel the economic engine of the Bay Area, the cost of housing in the Bay Area rises even faster. Meanwhile, members of the Aragon community have been impacted in several ways. HOUSING COSTS A steep increase of housing prices over the last few years have caused many Bay Area residents to look elsewhere for places to live. San…


Affirmative Action: Is it fair?

With origins dating back to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, affirmative action, as defined by the West Encyclopedia of American Law, currently “refers to both mandatory and voluntary programs intended to affirm the civil rights of designated classes of individuals by taking positive action to protect them [from discrimination].” Such laws and programs, usually instituted in higher education and the American workplace, generally have goals of promoting diversity and making up for past cases of discrimination. This, however, was not always the case.