The other lives of the Aragon faculty

Although the myth that teachers live in their classrooms has long been dismissed, students today still find it hard to believe that their instructors actually lead double lives outside of school. Here, we expose the secret passions and hobbies of the Aragon staff, some quirky, some practical, and all more fun than grading student work.

Will Colglazier
I run a lot of triathlons because I like the competitive nature of the sport and the adrenaline rush. I have participated in at least 5 triathlons over the past year, one of which was the Escape From Alcatraz.

Troy Davis
One of my inner passions is dancing, and I’ve actually taken salsa dancing classes in the past. In addition, I enjoy fine wine & dining and solving Sudoku puzzles.

Melissa Perino
I love scuba-diving; I was actually scuba-certified at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I’m also a huge shopaholic, but I avoid shopping at stores without fair rights for LGBT.

Kevin Doyle
Every other Friday, I drive to Santa Cruz to play Dungeons and Dragons with my computer geek friends.

Doug McGlashan
I’m part of a biking group called Western Wheelers that organizes many road biking trips. I also ride my stationary bike in my garage six days a week while reading the New Yorker magazine. In addition, I ride my grandchildren on my “around-town” bike when I can.

Nicole Elenz-Martin
I love acrylic painting; landscapes in particular. I also enjoy various water sports, such as water skiing, sailing, and fishing.

Jim Daniel
I play Sequence and Rummikub with my wife and sons.

Katie Ward
Two of my widely unknown hobbies are cross-stitching and metal sculpting. I usually cross-stitch samplers as wedding presents for my friends, which usually take a couple of months to make. I like to sculpt metal figures – I actually learned how to weld while supervising the Aragon Robotics Team!

Tiffany Wang
I basically devote my time to grading papers and formulating lesson plans. Aside from that, I love urban exploration, like the Sutro Bath Houses of Ocean Beach.

Vince Bravo
I own a business selling antique furniture and accessories.

Michael Valmonte
I’m a big fan of exercising – I take a two hour walk everyday on the Embarcadero and I work out at Gold’s Gym. I take up morning running 3 days a week and I go to the fitness center twice a week before school even starts. My fitness idols are Jack Lalane and Ed Larios.

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