Students show off costumes at annual Halloween rally

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This Halloween, Aragon showed its spirit at the annual Halloween rally and costume contest. The junior varsity spirit squad, dressed up as gypsies, performed a routine, while the dance team performed as minions from Despicable Me, and the varsity spirit squad showed up as ringleaders and showed off a cheer routine.

In addition to the rally’s performers, sports teams also appeared in group costumes. The girls tennis team showed up as Teletubbies, while the girls volleyball team dressed up as boys.

Senior Nikki Sanchez says, “The rally should bring up spirit for Halloween. More people should wear their costumes to bring spirit to Aragon.”

Sophomore Jenney Zhang comments, “Everyone generally has a fun time at Halloween. People dress up and everyone thinks about candy. It’s a time for the spirit squad to show what they’ve been working on.”

The rally also featured the annual Halloween costume contest. Students with elaborate costumes competed and the winner was determined by who received the greatest applause. Costumes ranged from Mr. Sell to a Juan Direction, a group of five mariachi players. The winners of the contest, however, were a group of upperclassmen boys dressed up as Greek Gods. Seniors Joe Constantino, Griffin Tietz, Dominic Pacini, Matt Foppiano, and junior Lucas Eveslage came up with the idea. Constantino says, “[Dressing up] boosts school morale and it’s something we can all bond over.”

Many students thought high schoolers weren’t too old for Halloween. Senior Emily Pereira says, “It brings together all the students because a lot of the times, there’s class differences, but if everyone dressed up and had spirit, then it’s a unison thing.”

Regarding spirit, Leadership Adviser Catherine Williamson says, “To promote spirit, we take up any chance we get to do something that’s fun for those who still acknowledge Halloween. We are also encouraging staff members to dress up.”

Science department teachers dressed up as characters from “Despicable Me,” with the majority dressing up as the minion characters from the movie. Physics teacher Steve Ratto dressed up as Dr. Nefario and traveled around campus on a scooter.

“All the science teachers decided that we wanted to dress up together like we did last year,” says Ratto. “We all sat down and talked about different ideas and thought about what the students would know and what would be good for everybody.”

Ratto says, “As a science department, we try to get kids involved. It’s been two years now that the science department has dressed up together. We’re hoping that next year more and more kids dress up. A lot of kids have us as teachers, so maybe they’ll say ‘Oh, since teachers dress up, I’ll dress up too.’”

Ratto continues, “There’s multiple types of students. Some dress up for Halloween, and for others, its just another day. It becomes more fun because you can do more with the costumes. When you’re younger, it’s limited to the Spirit halloween store.”

As Ratto mentioned, some no longer find the thrill in Halloween and opt to stay home. Freshman Ryan Shintaku notes, “It’s fun when you’re a kid because you get free candy and you get to dress up, but now I don’t find it as exciting anymore.”

Pereira says, “The upperclassmen would rather go to a party and hang out because they think they’re too old.”

Zhang comments, “If you genuinely find it fun and enjoy it, I don’t see what’s wrong with it.”
Notwithstanding, many students chose the option of going out and collecting candy. “You’re never too old for trick-or-treating,” says Senior Shorwei Gong. “Free candy? You can’t say no to that.”

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