Photo spread: First Color Dye-phoon hits Aragon

IMG_0571 (1)Julianna Glafkides
IMG_0614Julianna Glafkides
IMG_0460Julianna Glafkides
IMG_7881Nicole Wallace
SRL_9464Scott Liu
SRL_9465Scott Liu
SRL_9465Scott Liu
SRL_9521Scott Liu
SRL_9507Scott Liu

Posted by Scott Liu

Scott is a senior and this will be his second year as photography editor for the Outlook. Photography and film are his artistic and aesthetic-based passions. When not exploring cities looking for potential photographs, he is probably at home drinking coffee, lettering, and using Adobe programs for graphic design. Aside from engaging in design, Scott loves travelling around the world and hopes to travel to places like the Maldives, Spain, and Argentina. Scott is a realistic optimist. If you would ever like a candid opinion to a pressing existential question, Scott loves to offer his time for meaningful conversations.

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