Dons softball team takes down Sequoia 7-1

On Mar. 3, Aragon’s softball team (2-0 overall) defeated Sequoia (1-2 overall) by a final score of 7-1.

Aragon was led by junior catcher Amanda Lovell and sophomore second baseman Kayleigh Puccinelli, who each scored two runs.

The Dons started off strong, outscoring the Cherokees 2-0 in the first two innings. They then built on their lead, scoring four more runs in the third inning alone to bring their lead to 6-0.

The Dons performed well on the defensive end as well, as freshman right fielder Elisa Jee completed an amazing diving catch in the third inning.

Sequoia struggled to put up any numbers, as the Dons held them scoreless in the first four innings. Aragon also recorded an astounding nine flyouts, eight groundouts and six strikeouts throughout the duration of the game.

Aragon’s pure domination was apparent throughout the game. “We had solid defense and today a lot of players went out to hit compared to last game,” says Jee.

With two strikes in the seventh inning, the Cherokees appeared to have found their spark. However, when Sequoia’s Cameron Cosentino struck a bomb into the outfield, Aragon senior outfielder Jen Horita dove and made a miraculous catch the cap off the game.

The Dons had been working hard to prepare for this game: “We’ve been practicing a lot this week, hitting on the field, [performing] team defense situations, that type of thing,” adds senior outfielder Jen Horita.

After Friday’s easy victory, the Dons are preparing for their doubleheader on Mar. 4, where they will face off against Burlingame (0-2 overall) and Capuchino (2-1 overall).

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