Note from the editor: Addressing student tragedies

Dear Aragon students, staff and community,

As you may know, two Aragon students, sophomore Priscilla Chiu and junior Ke Vinh Tran, passed away unexpectedly in the span of less than a month. These are tragic losses for the Aragon community, and it has been overwhelming and difficult for many of us.

As a student newspaper, the Aragon Outlook does its best to honor Aragon’s students. Thus, I want everyone to understand the choices we made with our coverage in our May issue, the final issue of the year, and how we came to our editorial decisions.

Firstly, you’ll notice that our coverage includes an obituary for Priscilla, but lacks one for Ke Vinh. The Outlook was made aware of Ke Vinh’s passing on Monday, May 22, and our print deadline was on the same day. We felt it would be impossible to honor Ke Vinh in the best possible way within such a short time span, but we hope to work with Ke Vinh’s family, friends and teachers to commemorate him in an obituary that will hopefully be posted on our website in the coming weeks.

Our editorial team also discussed how to best cover Priscilla’s death in our newspaper. After multiple days of consideration, we came to the conclusion that the best coverage we could provide was an obituary that celebrated who Priscilla was without discussing her death itself.

I’d also like to note our “Headspace: Resources” article on Page 13 of this issue of the newspaper. “Headspace” has become a staple of the Aragon Outlook, and our hope is that the series can provide a starting place for discussions and getting help for mental health and wellness. Especially after suffering two student tragedies, we hope that students can use the article to get the help they need from wellness counselors at Aragon, and to begin accessing available resources outside of school.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Outlook email,, for any questions or comments you may have regarding our coverage.

Thank you,
Karan Nevatia

Posted by Karan Nevatia

As an aspiring journalist, Karan is excited to be Editor-in-Chief for the Outlook this year. Karan is also an intern and columnist with the San Mateo Daily Journal. Outside of journalism, Karan enjoys pursuing his obsession with the Harry Potter series through volunteering for the Harry Potter Alliance, and listens to numerous podcasts in his spare time.

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