PTSO hosts annual tailgate for first home football game

Eric Shen / Aragon Outlook
The Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) organized the annual football tailgate before the first football game at home on Sept. 9. A ceremony of lights took place in the evening to celebrate the newly-installed field lights.

Considered as a “pre-party” to the football season, the tailgate took place at the basketball courts and featured a barbeque as well as entertainment from student music groups. The community came together to enjoy the start of a new football season.

Sophomore Ritika Mishra said, “I think tailgates are a great way to get to know your community. The atmosphere and people are welcoming so it’s a great way to kick off the year.”

Football players were also excited to gather everyone together and showcase their hard work.

Sophomore and varsity football player Francisco Sanchez said, “It’s nice knowing that the football team is able to bring everyone together … it gives me a chance to show the Aragon community how hard the football team and myself have been working throughout the year.”

Football Coach Steve Sell added, “I’ve been part of the school community for 40 years and before it was about the great academics and great sports but there was really no spirit, and games weren’t super attended probably because we had afternoon games. And it’s hard to get a bunch of people out for afternoon football games … Football season is an exciting time of year and it’s a place where kids and families can go together … It’s like going to a dance without having the stress to go to a dance.”

Eric Shen / Aragon Outlook
This season’s football team will be the first to use the lights.

Sanchez said, “The stadium lights are definitely amazing. I see way better on the field and there isn’t a annoying sound from the generators when we used to rent portable lights and it’s an exciting new feature the team and I get to look forward to on Fridays.”

The tailgate extended beyond featuring the school’s football team as other student groups were called to perform.

Senior and girls’ acappella singer Angelique Gomez said, “I smiled when I saw so many people sit together that don’t usually sit together mingle and have a wonderful time … This was both my first time leading Trebles and my first time being at the tailgate, and I was super proud to see how well everyone performed together and overall how fun it was …. If this wasn’t my last year, I would perform there again.”

PTSO worked with the office staff to put together both of these events.

PTSO President Michael Harold explained, “The tailgate is [I think] 3 years old and is co-sponsored by Athletic Boosters and PTSO. We both contribute a little money [from $2 to $300] and volunteers to staff the event.”

Both of these events brought Aragon’s community together with everyone in celebration.

History teacher Courtney Caldwell said, “The magic of the tailgate is really the spirit that’s involved. You get a lot of people to attend and it’s really great. I think it really helps for student groups to perform. You get to invite parents, grandparents, people from other schools and you get to show them what Aragon is all about … The tailgate is really inviting and people seem really excited about what’s happening and it’s really welcoming.”

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