Annual potluck celebrates with music, food and community

Ben Finberg / Aragon Outlook

The annual music potluck on Oct. 5 invited students, families and the community to enjoy a night of food and entertainment from a variety of the school’s groups including the orchestras, choirs, bands and student-run clubs.

“The potluck is the first music event of the year where all 10 music groups, classes were performed and where all the parents, families and friends are invited to meet each other,” said choir and orchestra director John Chen. “It’s a nice community gathering where you sit and eat and listen to music.”

In addition to the traditional choir, band and orchestras, multiple student-run groups, such as the Steel Drums Club and the acapella groups performed at the concert.

Sophomore Joey Williams, a member of the all-male acapella group September performed.

“I’m really excited to sing with all of the different guys and September because they’re really good people and they’re really fantastic musicians, and this being my second potluck … I actually know what I’m doing this time around.”

“I think [the potluck] was very efficient and organized,” said band and jazz director Troy Davis. “[My favorite piece was] ‘Superman’ with the Symphonic Band. It’s a powerful piece … [it’s] popular and a lot of people know it … brings up those feelings of connection, strength and power and super heroes overcoming the bad guys … it’s just a strong metaphor for community.”

The potluck was the freshman class’ first Aragon music performance, giving them a taste of the size and variety of the music department.

“I really liked the potluck, and it was a great first experience,” said freshman Kausik Kolluri. “The number of choir and band groups amazed me. The music seemed really professional … it was a great performance.”

Not only does the potluck include Aragon’s students, but it also involves parents and families who volunteer and enjoy the event.

“There’s a lot of optimism and people are excited about getting things started,” said parent Robert Mallard. “You really get a chance to see all 10 groups and kind of know what you’re going to get for Christmas and what will come up for the holiday concert. It’s just good to see everybody here.”

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