Gabe Campos: Leading an undefeated team

Eric Shen / Aragon Outlook

Since his freshman year, senior quarterback Gabe Campos has been renowned for his passion and accuracy on the field.

His freshman year at Aragon, Campos played wide receiver on the freshman team. However, he became a quarterback in 2016 because he wanted to try a new position.

“He did an incredible thing in that he changed positions,” said head coach Steve Sell. “He had never played quarterback.”

Campos went on to become an integral part of the football team as starting quarterback, earning the respect of both his teammates and coaches.

“His accuracy as a player is just incredible, and that’s one of the things that makes [him] a good player,” Sell said. “He can run and throw the ball. One of the reasons we can run the ball … is just [because of] the respect [the players] have for Gabe as a passer.”

Campos appreciates the community and family that he has built through football.

“You build a whole bunch of friends,” he said. “It’s like family. You watch their back, they watch yours and support you. They’re out there with you and know what you go through, and know the hard work you’ve done.”

Campos was chosen as team captain this year. Revered by his team for his energy and dedication, his work ethic is evident to his teammates.

“He’s a very talented kid, and he knows what he’s doing,” said senior center Mario Cruz Parada. “He works hard during practice, has a great bond with us, the offensive line, and always knows what we are doing and works with us and everyone else.”

Campos attributes his success and passion to his family and friends.

“They play a role of supporting me and being there for me whenever I need it,” he said. “It’s a blessing.”

Campos believes that in addition to family and friends, his coaches also play an integral role in his success.

“I think our coaches motivate us and teach us to be better,” he said, “because they know that they see greatness in us and want to push us to our max to achieve what we need to achieve.”

After all his hard work and training pays off in a game, Campos loves to celebrate with a good meal.

“After a good game, or if you win, you celebrate and eat whatever you want and just work out the next day,” he said.

Between football and the close bonds he has formed with his peers, Campos finds Aragon to be like a second family.

“It feels like home. It feels like family,” he said. “Everyone here is very welcoming and shows each other love.”

Campos’s energy reflects even beyond football.

“He has a lot of motivation and pride,” said Cruz Parada. “Sometimes we aren’t quite awake and he just brings all the energy.”

Although he spends a lot of time practicing, Campos is able to spare many enjoyable moments with his team.

“I’ll miss all [of Gabe’s] jokes and everything around us, [along with] the team bonding,” Cruz Parada said.

But Campos’ time on the team is not yet over. He is leading an undefeated team in hopes of a deep CCS playoff run.

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