The most binge-worthy TV shows for Thanksgiving break

By Victoria Fong, Caroline Huang, Alexa Pilgrim and Dhruv Singhania

The Man In The High Castle

“The Man in the High Castle”, an Amazon original, is a dystopia set in a world where the Axis powers won World War II. Under the Western Japanese and Eastern Nazi governments, several main characters find ways to rebel against the establishment. The first season follows the proliferation of fabricated videotapes which depict the Allies winning the war, a clear show of rebellion. The show twists and turns viewers with surprising action between the governments and civilians. The characters face a plethora of conflicts when their relationships are challenged and they must decide how far to push the restrictive societal norms.

The Mentalist

The CBS crime drama centering around a Holmes-esque California Bureau of Investigation consultant Patrick Jane, who seeks revenge against his archenemy, serial killer Red John, for the murder of his wife and child. While attempting to hunt down Red John, Jane and his CBI team solve the state’s most grotesque murders, exploring wild theories and partaking in even wilder acts to prove them. There are countless dimensions to each character on the show: the strong, capable boss from an abusive household, the authoritative supervisor struggling to take care of her kids in the midst of a divorce and the joking consultant with the beautiful smile who is tormented by the corrosive guilt of his past actions. Each episode is unpredictable, funny and entertaining, which creates a show that captures the attention and admiration of its viewers.

The Bold Type

Following the publication of a women’s magazine, “The Bold Type” is a new Freeform drama. The three main characters are recently-promoted interns who are trying to find their way as magazine staffers in the cutthroat industry. Together, the three girls navigate their professional, social and love lives, making many mistakes along the way. Another star character is the magazine’s editor-in-chief, based off of Joanna Coles, the longtime editor-in-chief of Cosmo, who leads the team with unquestionable confidence and compassion. The show itself mirrors the magazine’s feminist sentiments. With bold, daring and relatable characters, “The Bold Type” empowers millennial viewers to live in the present and without regrets.

White Collar

In this series available on Netflix, an FBI agent teams up with a talented white collar criminal, utilizing his expertise and rare insight into the criminal world. The criminal, who was arrested for escaping his sentence, agrees to an exclusive deal with the agent, helping him apprehend criminals in exchange for his eventual release. The pair’s conflicting motives and distrust brings frequent obstacles to their work, which they must overcome as their relationship develops. Containing elements of comedy, crime, drama and mystery, the show welcomes a wide variety of viewers. Its six lengthy seasons are packed with perky jokes, constant suspense and sudden plot twists, providing fresh and entertaining content each episode. A 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes proves the witty “White Collar” to be a fan-favorite and definitely a binge-worthy show.

Hemlock Grove

“Hemlock Grove” is a creepy Netflix original that throws together vampires, werewolves and other mythical creatures while simultaneously managing to squash every supernatural teen drama stereotype. The show focuses on the strange and empty town of Hemlock Grove and especially a few teenagers and families that have dark and inexplicable secrets. The first season starts with a string of werewolf-related murders, but that’s as typical as it gets. The supernatural elements are interpreted differently than any other show, leaving plenty of shockers and room for creative interpretation by the actors and writers. Mystery is also essential, making it edge-of-your-seat dramatic and highly addictive. The unpredictability of the plot twists and relationship shifts add suspense that practically forces the audience to keep watching. Nothing is off limits in this show, so enjoy a wild and absolutely unexpected ride. Find all three seasons on Netflix.

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