Aragon doesn’t scream spirit, but it’s here

We students often complain that Aragon has little spirit. We compare ourselves to other schools — especially a certain orange and black one — and seem to focus on the most visible manifestations of school pride, such as the number of people who dress up for spirit days or attend rallies. However, are these truly a reflection of spirit? Perhaps solving Aragon’s lack of spirit comes down to changing our…

May 25, 2017

There shouldn’t be a blanket ban on Doordash

This editorial represents the opinion of all 15 Outlook editors. This year, the Aragon administration put a ban on student uses of food delivery services — most notably DoorDash — in order to stay in line with the school’s closed-campus policy, which prevents any visitors from entering the campus without a school-issued permit. The Outlook agrees that the school’s closed-campus policy is fair and effective, and should be regarded as…

April 20, 2017