GSA begins poster making for Equality Project

April 20, 2017

This year, the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club wanted to reintroduce a new spin to an old project and make their mark on the school. The Equality Project is a recreation of the Ally Project done in the 2012-2o13 school year. Sophomore and Co-President of GSA, Sofia Veizades, says “Basically we start with a quote that says ‘I stand for equality because’ and then we are taking pictures of people and putting their quotes next to them.”


Dr. Michael Gurian discusses importance of nature versus nurture in keynote

On Feb. 15, author and social philosopher, Dr. Michael Gurian, spoke to parents at the San Mateo High School theater about “The Minds of Boys and Girls.” Gurian released his new book, Saving Our Sons, just weeks prior to this keynote. His talk informed parents about the biological effects that account for the differences between boys and girls and their achievements, as well as how to treat them accordingly in order to succeed.

March 13, 2017

District board tables proposal considering 8:30 a.m start time

February 9, 2017

In Dec. of 2016, the San Mateo Union High School District Board tabled a proposal for implementing a later start schedule for the schools in the district that would move the start time to 8:30 a.m. Yet, even as the board chose not to vote on the proposal then, it will still be considering this proposal in upcoming months.


New assistant principal joins Aragon administration

This year, for the first time in over a decade, the Aragon community is welcoming a new Assistant Principal who has never worked for the San Mateo Union High School District. After former Asst. Principal Joe Mahood retired at the end of the 2015-2016 school year, Lisa Warnke came in to fill his position, coming from her previous role as Asst. Principal for the Galileo Academy for Science and Technology…

September 15, 2016