Social media: where’s the line?

In this day and age, our ability to express our opinions and beliefs has never been as convenient. And it seems we enjoy this ability to express ourselves because it feels liberating to do so. Many Instagram users post their content just to see those little notifications tally up to a clean sum that is proportional to their degree of social skills and popularity. This extreme freedom of expression satisfies…

September 15, 2016

A morning bowl of Serial

February 6, 2016

“With well over 40 million downloads, season one of Serial was one of the most popular podcasts to date. Host Sarah Koenig was able to capture her audience with her unique blend of investigative journalism and storytelling. So far, season two, which aired in early December, has managed to keep listeners wanting for more after each episode, but lacks an objective view of the story in question. Season two shines…