Deaf students discuss their experiences

November 16, 2017

A girl wakes up to muted sounds, like all the volume around her has been turned down. She reaches over to her nightstand, slips in her hearing aides, and immediately, the sounds of her mom calling for breakfast and her brothers trampling down the stairs resonate clearly in her ears. Hearing is something many individuals take for granted, but for those with hearing impairments, it is something that they are…


Finding cultural identity in music

May 25, 2017

In many people’s lives, culture plays a massive role. Not only does culture influence family life, it plays into other things as well, such as music. Here at Aragon, many students interact with cultural music, whether it’s playing an instrument, dance or something else, and for many, it has made a great impact. Everyone’s reasons for being involved in cultural music varies and at times, those reasons change, as they…