Finding cultural identity in music

May 25, 2017

In many people’s lives, culture plays a massive role. Not only does culture influence family life, it plays into other things as well, such as music. Here at Aragon, many students interact with cultural music, whether it’s playing an instrument, dance or something else, and for many, it has made a great impact. Everyone’s reasons for being involved in cultural music varies and at times, those reasons change, as they…


Scale-ing up the appeal of international music

February 6, 2016

In the past years, international artists have climbed through the American music charts with songs such as “Gangnam Style” or “Papaoutai.” This newfound affinity for international music has altered the tastes of Aragon students and is providing a new insight into its benefits and differences from mainstream American music. For freshman Helen Lu, breakout star PSY made her more aware of the presence of international music. “Gangnam Style” was interesting…


Beyond home: “Mom … I mean … Mrs.”

December 14, 2015

“Now, we’re much closer. Before I would just drop him off and pick him up from school, and our schedules were very busy, so we wouldn’t didn’t have a lot of time to spend together. Now, I really enjoy the time we have, and we’re somewhat making up for lost time,” says Spanish teacher Alejandra Cheever about her son, junior Oscar Carlos.