• Threat against Aragon posted online six days after Florida school shooting
  • Ball in the Manu family
  • Boys victorious against Knights in final 2018 quad
  • 2018 Lip Dub Photos
  • Former Ambassador to Japan and the Philippines speaks at Aragon

College: to know or not to know


Every graduating student attending university seeks a different experience. Some want to go far, some want to stay close. Some want urban, and some prefer rural. Regardless of the setting, an integral aspect of the “college experience” is the social aspect. While many students choose to go at it on their own, this year there are a healthy number of seniors attending the same college as their friends.


Dear Mom: Happy Mother’s Day!


Amidst the frenzy of AP testing and final exam review, one day in May is set aside for something entirely different, a day to celebrate and honor one person very special to each of us: our mothers. Mother’s Day was first designated a national holiday on May 9, 1914, as a day for Americans to honor the mothers of those who died in war.


Sex sells: Abercrombie and Fitch flares debate as clothing line sexualizes the industry

Whether we want to or not, let’s face it: sex is ubiquitous. We find it at the movie theaters and on the television, in the works of various members of the musical industry, and on the web. It permeates popular culture as an integral element to fuel comedy, to incorporate drama, to attract higher ratings, and to sell products. The fact of the matter is that sex sells.


The politics of yearbook signing


While the yearbook chronicles any given year in Aragon history, it is the back pages that many people covet. In those last few blank pages, there is a treasure trove of personal memories, hilarious laughs, and way too many “HAGS!” The last few pages hold the signatures, the fun, sometimes tearful end of the year ritual that has created a fascinating array of politics.


International summers


For many high school juniors and seniors, the summer season is a time to continue studying and get involved in extracurricular activities; at the same time, many other students get the chance to relax and take a break from a year of studying.


Aragon Athletic Awards Winners

Aragon students were recognized for their athletic achievements by the Aragon High School Athletics Department earlier this week. Ranging from teamwork to perseverance, to being all-around valuable on a sports team, these athletes have been recognized for their achievements. Congratulations!


Badminton once again victorious


As the badminton team wraps up the season and heads into PALS and CCS, its members reflect on their remarkably successful season. “They had an outstanding season,” said coach Linda Brown about the Aragon badminton team’s undefeated 2011 season. “I think it’s the best season we’ve had in ten years,” says senior player Justin Mao.