• Threat against Aragon posted online six days after Florida school shooting
  • Ball in the Manu family
  • Boys victorious against Knights in final 2018 quad
  • 2018 Lip Dub Photos
  • Former Ambassador to Japan and the Philippines speaks at Aragon

Baseball concludes difficult season


The Aragon Varsity Baseball Team lost its final game to Hillsdale 4-0 on May 13. It was a tight game until the fourth inning. Hillsdale’s Armando Fajardo drew a walk, advancing to second base after Nick Serrata hit a single. Tyler Kelly then hit a single into right field that rolled toward the fence, allowing Fajardo to score a run, giving Hillsdale the early lead.


Practice for CCS goes swimmingly


As Aragon athletes enter the locker rooms to prepare for afternoon practice, swimmers put on their suits, snap on their goggles, and pull on their swim caps and get ready for a hard day’s swim. The season is coming to an end and the swim team members reflect on the season, and get ready for upcoming CCS finals.


Catastrophe in Japan: reaction from Aragon


March 11, 2011. Sendai, Japan. At approximately 2:46 p.m., a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck just east of Japan’s Tohoku region. The quake has been listed as one of the five largest since modern record keeping. Following the quake, Japanese residents along the eastern coast of Tohoku region were alerted to evacuate due to a large tsunami prediction. Soon, waves which peaked at about 100 feet high crashed upon the eastern coastline of Japan.


Summer reading in question for next year


Aragon students will likely not be required to purchase summer reading books for the upcoming school year. Recent controversy over charging various fees by public schools has been sparked by a lawsuit in southern California last September. The lawsuit, which was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), alleged that dozens of districts were violating the California Constitution’s guarantee to a “free” public school system. In some schools, students were forced to pay for textbooks, workbooks and gym uniforms.


Exploration of summer opportunities faire


On April 1, the fourth annual Summer Opportunities Faire was held during an extended lunch period and provided students the chance to explore a variety of different summer programs. Elizabeth Stone, an education consultant, explains, “I started the faire four years ago. I’m an independent college admissions counselor and found that students had a very hard time even knowing where to look for summer experiences.”


Jerry Brown’s California deficit debacle


California K-12 schools could face severe budget restrictions for the upcoming school year as the state legislature tries to cut spending. In January, Governor Jerry Brown proposed a tax extension that would soften the effects of the cuts to education, but had difficulty getting his resolution approved for a June ballot, putting the funding situation for K-12 schools in limbo.


Preparations for El Dia de Silencio

Latino Club

Started last year, El Dia de Silencio, or the Day of Silence, is an event held by the Aragon Latino Club to promote immigration reform and continued support of the D.R.E.A.M. act. This year it will occur on Friday, April 29. The organizers chose silence as a way to symbolize how many immigrants cannot speak out for their rights because of fears of immigration laws.


Club features: April 2011

There are plenty of activities for students to participate in here at Aragon, from sports teams and leadership classes to the yearbook or service commission. Aragon clubs range from ethnicity orientated to faith oriented, while others involve video games or pastimes. When you add them all up, you get 76 unique groups to choose from. Here are a few to be featured this month.