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  • Deaf students discuss their experiences
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  • Dons defeated by Valley Christian in CCS semifinals
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Facebook evolution: from efficient to eerie


Facebook has revised its entire site, added new features and applications, and even updated all of its users to its new profile. Some of these changes may be making it even easier for complete strangers to access personal information, including a recent feature added that allows users to update their location status, which appears on their Wall and friends’ newsfeeds.


Kick the “achoos” to the curb: cold remedies for the sick


Winter: the season of Kleenex, sore throats, and empty seats in class. The cold is as common as it is annoying, affecting many students at least once every year. When faced with the all-too-familiar virus, the conventional wisdom says to sleep and drink plenty of water. While many students simply wait it out, and some turn to their medicine cabinet for help, others have different ways to combat the cold.


Growing up and continuing the tradition: Boy and Girl Scouts


Girl Scout Cookie sales are quite common in middle and elementary schools, but finding members of Girl and Boy Scouts in high school can be a bit more difficult. Freshman Girl Scout Cristina Ashbaugh explains, “There are fewer and fewer older girl scouts just because people think it is lame. For some reason, they think it is not cool to be in girl scouts after elementary school. I don’t view it as uncool, so I don’t mind,” she says.


Students’ educational sneak peek of the future


Faced with unlimited opportunities, discovering the right career proves to be a mind-numbing challenge for many. Although researching careers or speaking to those experienced in their trade can be helpful, they are not the same as having a first-hand experience. In addition to providing behind-the-scenes views of interesting careers, internships also bring those that take part in them one step closer to finding their future career.


The Million Dollar Dilemma

Sport Illustrated recently reported the average salary of eleven different positions in professional football. Quarterbacks made the most, with an average salary of $1,970,982, while tight ends and punters made the least at an average of $863,414 and $868,005 respectively. These numbers serve to give rise to a question that has been asked in one form or another for many years: do professional athletes (and celebrities for that matter) make too much money?


Asian New Year’s Celebrations: Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year this year, which is the year of the Rabbit, starts on Feb. 3, 2011. It is not like the traditional American New Year. Junior Stephanie Lin says, “We usually celebrate it for three days or less.” Moreover, every year in the Chinese calendar is paired with 12 different animals, with the rat being the first. The “shengxiao”, or Chinese zodiac, relates to the animals and their presumed personalities.


Asian New Year’s Celebrations: Korean New Year


Korean New Year is called both Solnal and Gujeong. It refers to New Year’s on Feb. 3 this year, based on the lunar calendar, and it is a three day celebration. In Korea, some Koreans also celebrate New Year’s on Jan. 1, known as Sinjeong. Korean-Americans normally celebrate Sinjeong, but Gujeong is very well known and celebrated by many Korean-Americans. Most of the traditions that are performed during Gujeong are also performed on Jan. 1.


The Way Back: A movie review


Peter Weir’s newest film “The Way Back” is based on the book “The Long Walk” by Slavomir Rawicz and stars Jim Sturgess, Colin Farell and Ed Harris. It is a collage of ruthless elements: the unmerciful hand of Joseph Stalin and the unflinching Siberian Gulag, history’s most atrocious prison system. But most of all, it is a gut-wrenching image of the power of this planet’s magnificent landscapes.


So, how did you two meet?


“It’s kind of nice when you marry your best friend,” says Aragon teacher Jennifer Condon about her fiancé, Alan, who she plans to marry this summer. Condon isn’t the only Aragon teacher with a significant other with whom to spend this Valentine’s Day. In fact, she is just one of the many Aragon teachers who are in a relationship; whether it is with somebody they met this year or over two decades ago.


New year’s resolutions: one month later

New Year's

With 2010 having come and gone, 2011 ushers in a clean slate and a fresh set of commitments. A month later, some people have found that the changes come simply with resolve and determination. However, some find the process of changing habits to be somewhat challenging. Here are a few personal experiences from fellow Aragon students.


Cooking up careers at Aragon


Many people still are not sure about what they want to be when they grow up while still in high school. Some students at Aragon have dreams of becoming a chef. They have been inspired by the joy of cooking. Nutrition teacher Susan Hontalas says, “Around 95 percent of the population has worked in the food industry before.”