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Facebook: The New Common App


In today’s society, Facebook is an integral part of people’s lives, shaping the way colleagues and students communicate and share personal information. However, in recent years, Facebook has also become a way for adults to make judgments on minors based on their social networking profile.


The New Aragon Tardy Policy

“Students must make a consistent effort to master and demonstrate appropriate behavior for learning, which will in turn enable them to make the most out of their experience at Aragon.” So states the mission statement of the Behaviors for Learning. This notice is posted all over school, in classrooms, and in the summer Red Book, anywhere students and teachers will be able to see the announcement of a new tardy policy.


In Remembrance of Daniel Cho

Obituary: Daniel Cho

From the first day people met him, they knew immediately that he was going to be a friend they would never forget. “He wasn’t the most eloquent person, but he always gave good advice,” says senior Devon Hanna. “He always told me to have fun in life and it was because he was a really easy person to talk to that we connected really well.”