• Dons rush past Westmont 41-23, advance to CCS semifinals
  • Deaf students discuss their experiences
  • Investigating claims of carcinogenic turf
  • Dons defeated by Valley Christian in CCS semifinals
  • VIDEO: Here and Clear: Realizations

Adopt-an-Angel Campaign


On November 9, a deadly gas explosion ripped through San Bruno, displacing hundreds of people. However, it was not only people who were affected by the incident; animals and pets were displaced as well. The animals that were lucky enough to escape have been since taken in by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), a non-profit organization that helps to protect animals that are in danger. Upon hearing about the situation, Aragon students decided to start the Adopt-an-Angel campaign.


Aragon students inspire math skills at local middle schools


Headed by senior Amrit Saxena, the Aragon Mathematical Talent Development Committee (MTDC), a club that fosters mathematical abilities in middle school students, plans to hold a math competition to encourage the celebration and continued development of their math skills. The Aragon Math League (AML) competition screens more than 300 students for seats at the Aragon Math Marathon (AM2), the math competition scheduled for January 7, 2011.


Election follow-up: what it means for the future


While a large portion of the country went red on election day, California represented a decisive win for Democrats, with both gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown and senatorial candidate Barbara Boxer winning their respective positions. Along with these wins, Democrat San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom won the position of Lieutenant Governor, and Debra Bowen was re-elected as Secretary of State.


Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s – Buzzard and November Events


Right off the bat, you are immersed in an interesting hybrid of Phoenix, The Fratellis, and U2 in the first track entitled “Birds” of Buzzard by Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s. These melodies bring a sense of peace and tranquility, although its lyrics truly contrast that feeling it brings. The instrumentals in many of the songs provide a feeling of relaxation, which makes Buzzard a successful album. The album features an interesting mix of stoner rock dipped into some pop.


Parent perspectives on applying for college


Parents play very critical roles in the tough but rewarding college application process. It involves studying for SATs, completing applications, researching colleges and much more. Darwin Chan, father of a current sophomore Lauren Chan and graduate Kristin Chan, says the college process has changed distinctly over the years. “The college process is more involved, and . . . the AP classes, test scores and application writings [are more important],” says Chan.


Political influences of Aragon students


If controversy had a birthday, it would be in November. American voters experience an onslaught of opinions throughout October in preparation for November elections, from things like robo-calls, to yard signs. But the onslaught does not only affect voters. Teenagers and the country’s youth also lend their voice to the fray. Many students are not of age to vote, and whether that stifles their political voice depends on the student.


The food revolution

According to a report published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 14 percent of teens in the United States are at risk of developing heart disease, high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure due to being overweight. The development of a more sedentary lifestyle compounded with poor dietary habits are the most obvious reasons for this figure that has tripled in the last 20 years.