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Golf season kicks off yet another new season


Last month, with a roster virtually unchanged from last year, the boy’s golf team kicked off a new season with their first league match on February 28. Golf is primarily an individual sport. However, players compete for a team score, with six golfers aiming to finish a nine-hole course (18 holes in championships) in fewer total strokes than the other team. “You may have an outstanding player, but if you don’t have a balanced squad, you’re not going to win the match,” says coach Guy Oling.


“Play ball!” – Aragon baseball starts a new season


As the Aragon varsity baseball team prepares for its season, it faces a drastically changed roster, including the loss of senior Sam Tuivailala, who signed with the St. Louis Cardinals over the offseason. The team, however, seems more than ready to approach the season with a positive mindset. “People will have to work hard to fill those spots”, sophomore Ian Barrie admits. “You try not to think about the losses, and more of the impact that the sophomores and other new players have on the team,” head coach Lenny Souza says.


Track and field: coaches optimistic on season outlook


As the seventh period bell rings and students leave school, members of the track and field team begin slowly filtering onto the field, ready for a hard day’s workout. Although the track and field meets have not begun yet, students are training hard for the upcoming season. “This year we have over 160 students on the team. It is a lot, but many of them are veterans so we know their ability level. Those who are new, we have yet to see,” says head coach Bill Daskarolis. “Most of the team is back and I am looking forward to a really good year.”


Winter sports wrap up and athletes compete for CCS


With the winter season ending, a few choice teams received the opportunity to compete in the Central Coast Section (CCS). Others, due to several contributing factors in their season, were not able to make it. After pushing forward to CCS Quarterfinals last year, this season was the first time the Varsity Girls Basketball Team did not go to CCS since 2001. The Varsity Girls Basketball Team capped off their season with a league record of 1-8-0 and an overall record of 4-16-0.


Aragon not out of the pool yet


The swimming team continues to prepare for their upcoming meets and improve their standing at the PAL championship. Despite beginning the season with some obstacles, the team is ready to face Woodside on Mar. 17. While the pool was under construction, the swimming team went to the College of San Mateo for their practices. Junior Ivette Gonzales says, “For us it was harder because we have seventh period and we had to be there as quickly as possible.”


Lady Dons softball season springs to life


With returning varsity players and many newcomers, varsity softball coach Bill Laskey is confident in his team. “They’re older, more experienced, and with the nucleus of the young girls coming up, we feel we’re going to have the potential team to win the league,” says Laskey. “I was really blessed because the majority of my good players were sophomores last year, so now they’re juniors,” he says. “They played as freshmen for me so they know the drills.”


Valentine’s Day Playlists


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the Outlook has procured an abundance of love-themed student playlists for your listening pleasure. Whether you prefer indie rock-and-roll or radio hits, you’re bound to find something that’s to your liking. “Each song possesses different aspects of love which I greatly appreciate because I think that love should not be viewed in just one way. Maybe some of the songs aren’t meant to necessarily be love songs, but it’s nice to think of them as a little wake-up call. Listen, relate, and enjoy,” comments senior Zoe Bartlett on her playlist.


Week of rallies commemorates 50th anniversary

50 years

On January 21, 1961, now only marginally more than fifty years ago, Aragon High School opened its doors to students. Flash forward five decades. After coming back fresh from a three-day weekend, Aragon students began a 50th anniversary celebration for the school’s 50th birthday. To celebrate, students participated in a decade-themed spirit week, and a week of rallies was organized and held by leadership.


New AP testing policy sparks controversy


Aragon students may find their AP experience a little different this year. AP tests are no longer mandatory for Aragon students enrolled in AP courses, and the College Board is taking away the quarter-point deduction for incorrect answers on the AP tests. In response to recent concerns voiced by parents, school administrators in the San Mateo Union High School District are clarifying policies aimed at encouraging students enrolled in AP courses to take the corresponding AP tests.