• Threat against Aragon posted online six days after Florida school shooting
  • Ball in the Manu family
  • Boys victorious against Knights in final 2018 quad
  • 2018 Lip Dub Photos
  • Former Ambassador to Japan and the Philippines speaks at Aragon

Silver sword: system to go online soon

Silver sword

At the end of the last school year, former Aragon Academic Advisor Sue Barizon retired and passed on her managing duties with the Silver Sword Program. In her absence, the counseling office’s staff currently faces a time of transition as they also prepare for a new online self-reporting point system. The new online system will replace the present use of forms and signatures to track points.


Love and harmonies are in the air for Music from the Heart


Music from the Heart is effectively a cabaret, a form of entertainment featuring songs performed by small groups of people. Cabarets are distinguished mainly by the performance venue—a restaurant or nightclub with a stage for performances and the audience sitting at tables, dining and drinking, watching the performance being introduced by an emcee. Both vocal and instrumental songs will be performed.


Aragon dance competition attracts interest from around the Bay Area


The Black Student Union’s 6th annual Dance Competition occurred on January 22 in Aragon’s main gym. Teams ranging from four to twelve dancers from twelve schools participated in the competition against The Exprezzion team, Aragon’s competing team. The Aragon Dance Team opened the show. Sophomore Exprezzion dancer Gabrielle Tompkins says, “Seeing the competition last year made me want to do it; I love it. I think the event is the fun part.”


Aragon student wins prestigious science award

Peter Zhan

At the beginning of lunch on January 12, music blared from the loudspeakers like any other day. But senior Peter Zhan had a strange feeling as he walked out of the counseling office. Stopped suddenly by a crowd of students, faculty, and his own mother, Zhan’s premonition was confirmed; something was amiss. Within moments, Principal Patricia Kurtz began a surprise award ceremony. She started by introducing Leroy Tripette of the Intel Science Program; Tripette explained that Zhan had been selected as a semifinalist in the Intel Science Talent Search and presented him with an oversized $1,000 check.


Tardy policy ignites debate


The new tardy policy at Aragon dictates that after receiving five tardies, the student must attend Saturday school. The four-hour sessions are held every Saturday. After the fifth tardy has been given, the student in question must attend Saturday school at the end of the same week the fifth tardy was received, “If students come and speak to me in advance about a conflict, then arrangements can be made. Rescheduling is a possibility… it’s not etched in stone,” says Dean Michael Valmonte on scheduling conflicts with Saturday school.


Students await first winter formal in three years


With the dawn of 2011, Aragon students experience the first winter formal that the school has seen in three years with the theme “Under the Neon Lights.” This last dance before Prom will be held in the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday February 5. The dance, as the name suggests, will be held under colorful lights at the Hiller Aviation Museum. Tickets began at $20 and $25 with and without PAL respectively, and both rose by $10 this week.


Spirit in sports


College spirit can be a determining factor for some high school students when it comes to picking a college. Others, however, are as opposed to this concept as the Cardinal opposes the Trojan. As with all matters big and small, Aragon students were more than willing to let loose on their opinions of the value of school morale. “It’s a great opportunity for people to get out of their comfort zones, and makes way for some really great new experiences,” says sophomore leadership student Keaton Moe. “Spirit relinquishes stereotypes and brings people together under a common goal. It’s the pride that unites you and the [student] next to you.”


Facebook evolution: from efficient to eerie


Facebook has revised its entire site, added new features and applications, and even updated all of its users to its new profile. Some of these changes may be making it even easier for complete strangers to access personal information, including a recent feature added that allows users to update their location status, which appears on their Wall and friends’ newsfeeds.


Kick the “achoos” to the curb: cold remedies for the sick


Winter: the season of Kleenex, sore throats, and empty seats in class. The cold is as common as it is annoying, affecting many students at least once every year. When faced with the all-too-familiar virus, the conventional wisdom says to sleep and drink plenty of water. While many students simply wait it out, and some turn to their medicine cabinet for help, others have different ways to combat the cold.


Growing up and continuing the tradition: Boy and Girl Scouts


Girl Scout Cookie sales are quite common in middle and elementary schools, but finding members of Girl and Boy Scouts in high school can be a bit more difficult. Freshman Girl Scout Cristina Ashbaugh explains, “There are fewer and fewer older girl scouts just because people think it is lame. For some reason, they think it is not cool to be in girl scouts after elementary school. I don’t view it as uncool, so I don’t mind,” she says.


Students’ educational sneak peek of the future


Faced with unlimited opportunities, discovering the right career proves to be a mind-numbing challenge for many. Although researching careers or speaking to those experienced in their trade can be helpful, they are not the same as having a first-hand experience. In addition to providing behind-the-scenes views of interesting careers, internships also bring those that take part in them one step closer to finding their future career.