• SMUHSD climate control  policy: Too cool for comfort
  • Al Gore speaks at Aragon theater to promote new book
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  • Deaf students discuss their experiences
  • Investigating claims of carcinogenic turf

Aragon Parking Policy: No Room To Park


Every day over a hundred Aragon seniors wake up early to race to secure a spot in Aragon’s already cramped parking lot. The unlucky ones resign themselves to parking on the less-desirable hill, a longer walk to the buildings. However, with only 127 spaces available for student use, they still consider themselves lucky.
The number of students who drive to school and need to park has increased steadily over the years. With the smallest campus and the largest student body in the district, 1595 students, Aragon has never had enough spaces for students to park.


Aragon blackbelts compete at the national level

Martial Arts

“When I was eight I really wanted to do something physical and active,” says senior Alex Catiggay. “My uncle suggested this kung fu school and that’s when it all started for me.” Today, Catiggay is a second degree black belt in kung fu, a striking style of martial arts that utilizes kicks, blocks, and both open and closed hand strikes to defend against attackers.


Aragon’s rising musicians


His pinstripe fedora is the only clue to his secret identity. His classmates know he is in four band classes, and his friends might know that he wants to be a musician when he’s older, but not many people know the secret life of this American teenager: senior Cole Stillman by day, jazz-band-member and tenor-saxophone-player by night.


Four Years Down the Road


The change that occurs in four years of high school is dramatic, to say the least. The difference between entering freshman year and senior year is the difference between riding a bike and driving a car, being the understudy and being the lead, or even from babysitting to working a part time job. However, the most dramatic difference is the perspective change that most students experience.


Urban Outfitters advocates self-conscious behavior

Urban Outfitters

She examines herself in the mirror, letting her eyes focus first on her hair, then her eyes, then her nose. Slowly, she lets her gaze travel to the rest of her body. It is something that senior Zoe Bartlett does every morning, whether she wants it to happen or not. She shakes the image of herself out of her mind and goes through the process of changing her outfit multiple times. She wants to find the right clothes which will conceal her hips and her thighs from the rest of the world.


Facebook: The New Common App


In today’s society, Facebook is an integral part of people’s lives, shaping the way colleagues and students communicate and share personal information. However, in recent years, Facebook has also become a way for adults to make judgments on minors based on their social networking profile.


The New Aragon Tardy Policy

“Students must make a consistent effort to master and demonstrate appropriate behavior for learning, which will in turn enable them to make the most out of their experience at Aragon.” So states the mission statement of the Behaviors for Learning. This notice is posted all over school, in classrooms, and in the summer Red Book, anywhere students and teachers will be able to see the announcement of a new tardy policy.