• Remembering Ke Vinh Tran
  • Remembering Priscilla Chiu
  • Immersing in melodies and culture: Aragon music department to tour Italy in the summer
  • Headspace: Part VI: Resources — Help is here for those who need it
  • What does it take to play sports in college?

Aragon doesn’t scream spirit, but it’s here

We students often complain that Aragon has little spirit. We compare ourselves to other schools — especially a certain orange and black one — and seem to focus on the most visible manifestations of school pride, such as the number of people who dress up for spirit days or attend rallies. However, are these truly a reflection of spirit? Perhaps solving Aragon’s lack of spirit comes down to changing our…


Headspace: Part VI: Resources — Help is here for those who need it

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, more than one in five teens experience a severe mental disorder. Yet, the Office of Adolescent Health reports only about 40 percent of the three million teenagers suffering from depression sought help in 2015, suggesting that most people deal with their condition alone, either because of stigma or not knowing about available resources. At Aragon Aragon has three health and wellness therapists….


Chance the Rapper: Coloring outside of the lines

You probably have heard the name: it seems to be everywhere — on t-shirts, baseball caps and at award shows. And if you haven’t, you should. Chancellor Johnathan Bennett, more famously known as “Chance the Rapper,” only seems to be growing in fame. While his upbeat, distinctive sound may be responsible for his increasing popularity, there is another reason he has garnered people’s attention: he is challenging — and changing…