Social media: where’s the line?

In this day and age, our ability to express our opinions and beliefs has never been as convenient. And it seems we enjoy this ability to express ourselves because it feels liberating to do so. Many Instagram users post their content just to see those little notifications tally up to a clean sum that is proportional to their degree of social skills and popularity. This extreme freedom of expression satisfies…

September 15, 2016

Should the Olympics Have Been Held in Rio?

August 17, 2016

With the 2016 Summer Olympics in full swing, the world is supposed to be at an all time high. According to the IOC (International Olympic Committee), the quadrennial event supposedly brings about a “peaceful and better world,” and at the surface, it looks as if the 2016 games are doing just that. Rio, which is home to a stunning landscape, ideal weather, and beautiful people with an intense passion for…