Extreme makeover: Center Court edition

October 15, 2012

Kicking off the new school year, students came back to find several surprising changes to Aragon High School, namely an unfinished and barren Center Court. Started over the summer, the renovations on Center Court were expected to be complete before the first week of school. However, due to delays, construction continued into the first month of school, affecting many Leadership-run events. As part of Measure M, a district-wide bond measure…


Construction at Aragon


The sounds of workers stomping on the roofs of classrooms and jackhammers during school hours mean only one thing: construction. It began on the Aragon campus began three weeks before school started as bulldozers tore apart the two old swimming pools adjacent to Center Court.
The new pool was slated to be finished in November. However, according to Aragon Principal Patricia Kurtz, there was a delay in the pool’s approval by the State of California’s Division of the State Architect, thus delaying the overall construction of the pool.

September 16, 2010