Students travel for summer learning experiences

August 17, 2016

Samantha Lee The pool is nothing new to freshman Samantha Lee. In the water since she was four months old, Lee attended Stanford Swim Camp to hone her swimming skills. Lee was surprised by the extensive hours of training she was thrown into at camp. Training included three swim workouts each day and two sessions of dryland to fill in the extra time. With all the exercise, Lee had to…


Ratto and Pillot-Sampson: Wrestling then and now

December 12, 2013

Current wrestling coach and physics teacher Steve Ratto wrestled at Aragon just over a decade ago. Senior Christopher Pillot-Sampson wrestles on the team now. Although they competed a decade apart, there are still many apparent similarities between the two wrestlers. Even though Coach Ratto has a lot of influence over the wrestlers’ technique, both of them agree that each wrestler develops his own style. Pillot-Sampson says, “The way Ratto teaches…