“Artemis” lacks gravity in more ways than one

December 14, 2017

While “Artemis” works as an exciting heist novel, it fails to satiate the reader’s desire for new and unexplored sci-fi anomalies. Protagonist Jazz Bashara possesses incredible intelligence and cunning. She works as a porter, smuggling illegal items into a city. Oh, and she lives on the moon. She also happens to be extremely poor, living a tiny, coffin-sized apartment in the poorest area of her hometown, Artemis. As she said,…


“Blade Runner 2049”: A worthy successor to the original, 25 years later

October 19, 2017

“Blade Runner 2049” is a nostalgic callback to the original and its style, for better or for worse. Set in the sprawling and gritty megacity of Los Angeles in the year 2049, “Blade Runner 2049” follows the life of Officer K, a blade runner. Blade runners are people tasked with hunting down escaped replicants, or those manufactured to serve as slaves. The story develops as K uncovers an earth-shattering truth…


Kendrick Lamar’s new album “DAMN” crushes expectations

May 2, 2017

“DAMN,” Kendrick Lamar’s album released on April 14, 2017, shines with its thrilling tempo and its contemplative yet contradictive lyrical reflections. Most of all, it features Lamar’s trademark smooth and effortless delivery. The album progresses through an immaculate delivery of tales inspired by Lamar’s experiences, and every track features a unique tempo and style of elocution.