Oh, the humanities: There’s more to education than STEM

November 16, 2017

As autumn creeps into winter, the future is on many of our minds. Standardized testing and college applications abound. Stress permeates the atmosphere like an electricity, the voltage making one wonder if the freshmen can even remain unconcerned. With all this preparation for the future, it is only fair for us to evaluate what we want it to look like, and a huge part of that evaluation is what we…


Social media: where’s the line?

In this day and age, our ability to express our opinions and beliefs has never been as convenient. And it seems we enjoy this ability to express ourselves because it feels liberating to do so. Many Instagram users post their content just to see those little notifications tally up to a clean sum that is proportional to their degree of social skills and popularity. This extreme freedom of expression satisfies…

September 15, 2016

Jumping into the School Year

As the new school year approaches, Dons receive their schedules, take their school pictures and act as Big Buddies in Freshmen Orientation to help new students prepare for the year. Filmed and Edited by Tessa Ulrich

August 19, 2016

Exploring academic dishonesty at Aragon

You’re in the middle of a test when you feel a tap on the shoulder. You look up and see your friend silently mouth “What’s number three?” holding up three fingers. It would be so easy to whisper the right answer to your friend. You’ve never known anyone who’s been caught. But you’ve also heard rumors of detentions, zeroes, and spots on the academic dishonesty list for those lucky few who do get caught. But everyone’s cheated at least once right? In reality, how common is cheating at Aragon and how is it addressed?

May 19, 2016